March 3, 2021 – Grégory Pierrot

Grégory Pierrot
President, Amiri Baraka Society
Associate Professor, English Department
University of Connecticut at Stamford

From Rude Boys to Proud Boys: A Short History of Hip, Fashion and Fascism

The presidential debates and the subsequent failed coup of January 6th made a household name of the Proud Boys, the militia created by journalist-turned-fascist-goon Gavin McInnes. Seemingly diverse in its membership, claiming “Western chauvinism” rather than white supremacism, the Proud Boys and their intentions may seem puzzling from the outside. Still, recent events have convincingly exposed their commitment to fascist action and beliefs. 21st American fascism is a self-aware structure, powered by an engine dedicated to whitewashing the cultural references that fuel it. This presentation proposes a diagnostic.

(Group photo of 60s/70s rude boys/skinheads taken by Toni Tye. Photo of Enrique Tarrio of the Proud Boys taken by Maranie R. Staab).

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