February 22, 2023 – Amber N. Wiley, PhD

Amber N. Wiley, Ph.D.
Presidential Associate Professor in Historic Preservation/City & Regional Planning
University of Pennsylvania

“Barry Farm-Hillsdale: Reimagining Preservation for a Just Future”

This talk is about the fight to preserve a public housing project in Washington, DC, its local listing as a DC landmark, and subsequent (and ongoing) efforts to commemorate its history while also envisioning a new version of preservation that puts people first. Major themes include architectural integrity, cultural landscape theory student and community engagement in the visioning process, and the production of a documentary film.

There will actually be a screening of the film at Penn on March 1: https://cpcrs.upenn.edu/events/barry-farm-community-land-justice-washington-dc.

If unable to join us in person, please register here.