November 28, 2018 – Omar Kholeif

“Speculations on the Future of the Internet: A Call to Arms”
In this lecture, Dr. Omar Kholeif discusses the power structures that govern the Internet as we know it today, and draws on a variety of historical links, which could help us better understand how the Internet has altered the ways in which we see the world around us. He ends with a propositional structure for how we move forward in a networked age.
Dr. Omar Kholeif is a writer, curator, editor, and broadcaster based in London. He is the co-curator of the 14th Sharjah Biennial, the largest biennial exhibition in the Middle East and South Asia. His recent and forthcoming books include, Goodbye, World! Looking at Art in the Digital Age (Sternberg Press 2018) and The Artists Who Will Change The World (Thames and Hudson 2018).